Hi, We are Li Chieh and Alexander. We are a married couple running Bao & Bowl food truck together. Li Chieh from Taiwan and Alex from Netherlands. We met in Australia in 2012 and we both love delicious food,especially Asian and mixed cuisines.Cooking and trying new food is always ours passion.
We were working in an Australian casino restaurant and in Canada in a famous brasserie. In 2016 we decided to go to the Netherlands to start our business. In 2018 we started our first food truck "Dumpling Ding", selling Taiwanese Chicken Bites(Yan Su Ji), fried chicken Bao buns, fried chicken rice bowls and especially handmade dumplings, in 2020 we changed our food truck to Bao&Bowl, 1 week before the first lockdown, selling more choices of bao buns and rice bowls, such as: roast duck, stewed pork, mapo tofu and teriyaki mushroom.
Taiwanese cuisine is a convergence of many Asian cuisines.
We make our own delicious steamed Gua-Bao buns, topped with our homemade family recipe crispy chicken, pickled red onion and special sauce. We make delicious Taiwanese fusion. We also have delicious Peking duck bao buns that with classic hoisin, spring onion and cucumber . Also traditional pork buns,often translated as "Taiwanese burger", this is a specialty of northern Taiwan and contains puffy mantou steamed buns richly filled with slices of sweet, fatty pork.

After introducing the bao buns, of course, I also will introduce the rice bowl (b) , or bento box , which is omnipresent in Taiwan . It is like a " default option " for lunch and dinner in daily life when someone has no idea what to eat . The word bian dang comes from Japanese. It is first sold at train stations in the late nineteenth century in Japan , which later influenced the bian dang culture of Taiwan when it was under Japanese rule . In our food truck you can find, Fried Chicken Rice Bowl, Peking Duck Rice, Vegan Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl and Vegan Teriyaki Mushroom Rice Bowl.

Places to find us are at TU Delft University, food truck festivals, and catering for private events or companies.
Taiwanese food and Asian fusion cuisine are our main concept, but also fries and other fried snacks on the side.



大家好,我們是李杰和亞歷山大。我們是一對已婚夫婦一起經營 Bao & Bowl 食品卡車。來自台灣的李杰和來自荷蘭的亞歷克斯。我們於 2012 年在澳大利亞相識,我們都喜歡美味的食物,尤其是亞洲和混合美食。烹飪和嘗試新食物一直是我們的熱情所在。





介紹完包子,當然我也會介紹台灣無所不在的飯碗(Bian dang),也就是便當盒。當人們不知道該吃什麼時,它就像是日常生活中午餐和晚餐的“默認選項”。扁當這個詞來自日語。十九世紀末在日本首次在火車站出售,後來在日本統治下影響了台灣的扁當文化。在我們的餐車中,您可以找到炸雞飯碗、北京烤鴨飯、素食麻婆豆腐飯碗和素食照燒蘑菇飯碗。